Vulcan Mind Meld Your Best Year Ever

How can you establish your own mind meld?

Deep within your mind are forces that are concealed, kept from your conscious awareness, even hidden. You will learn how to unlock these hidden areas of your mind, getting past the resistance and doubt.

You want to be able to consistently focus your mind on the outcomes you desire. The answer lies in understanding what has created the current mental aberration. Once you know this you can position your mind in the direction consistent with the desired outcome. You have no idea how powerful this technique is.

You chose what you want to accomplish.

Do you want to lose weight, stop smoking, play better golf, eliminate pain, even improve upon your looks, it is all possible and even quite easy. With the right positioning your mind will be compelled to comply with your every wish.

Using the right words at the right time can unlock the hidden powers of your mind.

The right words in a question form can direct your inner thoughts. The way the questioned is posed can alter the outcome of your response. Your objective is to create images in your mind that target the behavior you want. To lose weight, quit smoking, play better golf, eliminate pain, become more attractive, etc.

Resistance is futile

When you are attempting to create something that you may not have previously believed about yourself you may experience some resistance. A mind distraction technique will help you to create new images of yourself and new information to allow you to arrive at a new outcome in your mind. This outcome will be favorable to you, because your mind is active in creating this new picture of what your future will look like.

Funny thing is before you can successfully mind meld yourself you need to address the subject of the resistance. Whatever is causing the unconscious level of resistance. Your mind is receptive only to information and attitudes that agree with its’ point of view. For your mind will elicit arguments with any point of view that disagrees with the currently held belief.

Always start by acknowledging your current flawed beliefs and points of view. You must then diminish the power of the old belief by replacing it with believable new points of view. Affirm your desired point of view.

Putting it all together.

First identify the problem you wish to address. If you have been struggling for years with multiple problems, pick the most important issue. Second you need to acknowledge that continuing with this problem will cost you in many painful ways. You want to trigger this pain button first before proceeding to the solution. Three, identify your preferred change or outcome. Ask yourself, what would you rather have happen, what would be a perfect outcome for you? Four, identify the benefits of this new outcome. Ask yourself what would the new outcome mean to you throughout your life? Five, take advantage of your subconscious mind. Using a product like AcuAids can assist you obtain the level of deep mind meld needed to make these changes permanent

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